April 02, 2005

PAC's and When Do You Need One?

Today's Pod/Blogcast is on the sensitive topic of Political Action Committee's. There is much mis-information in the Activist World about PAC's. In particular, when you need one and how to inexpensively form one!  This should answer most of the questions and you can learn more while you enjoy a delicious hot cup at breakfast through coffee grounds you grind yourself, thanks to good quality manual grinders found here: https://coffeelovers.reviews/best-manual-grinder. Visit our sponsor coffeelovers.reviews for more information!

PAC's and When Do You Need One?   (7:30 mins)

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April 01, 2005

New Pod/Blogcast coming: PAC's and When Do You Need One?

A new broadcast on "PAC's and When so You Need One" will be up sometime today or tonight. I had a long talk with a PAC expert yesterday about the concept of the Organizing Group and when they needed a PAC.

The answer, while not really simple per se, wasn't what I expected. I'll have a full explanation later.

Also, I started using one of the sites/utilities I recommend for The Insurgent Campaign to transcribe all the Podcasts into text. These I will edit over time into a book format and make available. So far the bill for over 30 min's of broadcast is less than $50. Compare this to Jonanthan Singer at Basie who does recorded interviews, and has great one's with famous politicians on site, and spends about an hour for every 8-10 minutes of audio. This transcription service really works.

The term 'The Insurgent Campaign' is accurate in the sense that we are talking about working entirely outside the normal campaign process. Yet I am playing with the phrase "The Guerrilla Political Campaign : How to start an Insurgent Campaign". Any thoughts?

The only reason it is worth any thought at all is to make the effort to get this info into many hands that much easier. That is the purpose for all this work...to help you start your own campaign and not wait for the political 'elders' to do it the 'way it's always been done'.

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March 24, 2005

Red District Congressional Campaign: The Insurgent Campaign [Updated 3.28.05]

[New Today: More on Fundraising (Elemental Reality and Not Just Seed Money)]

In our series on How to Contest Red Congressional Districts with Tangible Results, then retitled

"How to Choose a Candidate for a Red District!"
subtitled: Or How to Find Someone Who Will Present a Good Campaign, Spend the Time, Energy, Money and Effort to Create Solid Tangible Results and Still Get Their Ass Kicked

The Political Dogfight has created 8 Blogcasts and Podcasts in this series as listed below. They are not short and they are not simple, easy listening. And the Series is by no means over!

But first listen to this intro and this will give you the ideas and motivation behind:

The Red District Campaign: Introducing 'The Insurgent Campaign'

This series is based on two simple concepts:
1. That there are hundreds of districts in the US that are Red Districts that a Democratic Candidate cannot win without an outright miracle. Those same Districts can yield tangible results for the Democratic Party if they are organized correctly and have a real Candidate. Too often in Deep Red Districts the Democrat who raises his hand never really campaigns...never really gets into the Dogfight and doesn't understand how valuable a real campaign could be for that district...even though he loses.

2. Are you tired of seeing that same worn-out Candidate, election cycle after election cycle, or his clone with a different identity? Want to do some short and long term good in a District you cannot win? Then build a campaign apparatus and go recruit your own Candidate! A real Candidate who will volunteer because of the structure, value and results you've already designed for him to achieve.

I have begun to call it The Insurgent Campaign. The Campaign that starts without a Candidate. The Campaign that builds the vision and structure. The Campaign that has tangible targets for Fundraising, tangible Goals for end results and the realistic methodology to reach them. The Campaign that knows that 2006 is just the Beginning. And The Campaign that goes out and finds a Candidate that is far better than average!

It started with:
How to Contest Red Congressional Districts with Tangible Results (14 mins)
How to Create The Tangible Foundation for The Red District Campaign  (14 mins)
Red District Congressional Campaign- Tools Part 1 (12 mins)
Red District Congressional Campaign -Tools Part 2  (12 mins)
Red District Congressional Campaign- Tools and Your Own PAC  (16 mins)
Red District Congressional Campaign- PAC Fundraising- Seed Money   (16 mins)
Red District Congressional Campaign- PAC Fundraising- Not just Seed Money  (7 mins)

There are more to come. They are not particularly professional, as I am learning this technology as we go, and I know it's hard to listen to just one voice. I've done my best to fill each with content, tangible resources and usable ideas.

Next: Documenting the Insurgent Campaign and Beginning the Search for the Candidate

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Red District Congressional Campaigns Part 5 (PAC Fundraising- Seed Money and Organizational Money)

This installment, Red District Campaigns Part 5 (PAC Fundraising-Seed Money and Organizational Money), deals exclusively with how to raise the immediate inital funds to allow you to acquire and use, even on a limited basis all the Tools we've talked about in Parts  3 and 4. You will need these to attract the Candidate you want and the second round funding of the Campaign Organization.

This content filled stuff that a lot of Activists that are trying to start a Congressional or state level campaign from scratch (with no party support) might not think about or use. I believe these ideas can be applied by a dedicated small group of Activists who are willing to start as soon as they have learned how. I hope this series is doing just that.

Sick of waiting for a Candidate to show up that has a solid campaign and money? Create your own campaign structure and go pick your own! That's what this is all about. Is there a lot of listening and note taking involved? Yes. And who said being a Political Operative was easy?

If you get one-tenth of one good idea out of this....if one person gets motivated to make the effort in one district that the party has abandoned...then it's all worthwhile. But there are dozens and hundreds of these districts...and there are thousands of Activists! Think about it.

Next: Searching for the Candidate (Part 6)

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March 23, 2005

Red District Congressional Campaign Part 4 (Tools and your own PAC)

Here's Red District Congressional Campaign Part 4 (Tools and your own PAC). [Click here to listen on your computer. You can surf around while listening.]

Another Blog and Podcast Thursday on Fundraising (mostly non-traditional) with your new PAC and some reference material every campaign needs. Then structuring and staffing the senior campaign staff.....but that' s for later.

These broadcasts are not short. But they have substance and I don't know any other way of getting the information to you. Patience. If one or two things catch your attention and improve your next campaign...it was time well-spent for both of us.

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March 22, 2005

Red District Campaign Part Three (Tools Part 2)

[Update: Here's Part Three Of The Red Congressional District Campaign (Tools Part 2) and more tomorrow. This project will run into a series. That I can see as necessary at this point. But this Tools Part 2 at least compliments the earlier work today and picks up some loose threads. It also fills out some of the information and adds more! Tomorrow...PAC's made quick, simple and easy! and MORE tools!]

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Red District Congressional Campaign Part 2 (Tools )[first half]

I swear this get more complicated by the minute but I've completed the first-half of Part Two!  Which really means that tomorrow will be Part 3 (Tools continued) and who knows how many more to come, as we try to create a Congressional Campaign from scratch. So here is Part Two (Tools) of the Red District Campaign.

These are not short files and many of you are listening from here! You can SURF around while listening...it won't kill the audio. Those on IPods and such have it easier as you can be moving around. Try as hard as I can the information is just too important and too dense to shorten into 'sound bites'. If  I did you wouldn't get one-tenth the value out of it. (This assumes of course you are finding it of value.) When I am finished the entire series will be published in chapters that may be easier to follow. The Podcast itself is, as always, on the RSS feed and is available to any MP3 player.

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March 21, 2005

Red District Congressional Campaign Part 2 (delayed)

The Blogcast and Podcast for

Part Two:What Campaign Tools, (that are Net based and affordable), Can the Campaign Bring To the Prospective Candidate?

has been delayed because I am restructuring the broadcast itself. In an effort to make the Blogcast shorter and more concise, I am re-writing the topic list for tomorrow. Today's Blogcast (very short) has more information.

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March 19, 2005

A Red District Campaign Part 1: How to Create A Foundation!

The topic changed a little as I began to prepare for today's Podcast/Blogcast. I'm using as my template a campaign we are considering running here in California against a very popular Republican officeholder. So while this is the overall topic:

"How to Choose a Candidate for a Red District!"
subtitled: Or How to Find Someone Who Will Present a Good Campaign, Spend the Time, Energy, Money and Effort to Create Solid Tangible Results and Still Get Their Ass Kicked

The Big Dog changed the order in which we think about the issue of the campaign itself and attack the campaign's creation.

Part 1: How To Create The Tangible Foundation For The Red District Campaign. (today)
Part 2: What Campaign Tools, (that are Net based and affordable), Can the Campaign Bring To the Prospective Candidate? (tomorrow)
Part 3. How To Find The Effective Red District Candidate! (the day after)

If you want to pick this up off the RSS feed use:

Otherwise use one of the links above to listen to it on your computer. I always solicit feedback so write here. Also, in listening to today's recording I had the mic too close and I hear the breath noises...I have rearranged things and hopefully will avoid that tomorrow!

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How to Contest the Red Districts with Tangible Results!

For our new Podcast/Blogcast, the topic of the fast approaching campaign season for every Congressional District, which means there will be 435 campaigns in the House alone looking for volunteers, we need to have a better understanding of how to effectively make use of the campaign that is going to lose! Absent a miracle there are lots of those districts. Also, for those of you in Blue Districts where the Republican stands no chance and your candidate is guaranteed a victory: Why should you get involved....heavily involved?

The Political Dogfight has some suggestions and answers today, along with resources to consider in today's Podcast/Blogcast. For those on a RSS feed, sync your MP3 players and the new Podcast will be there...for those who want it now click on any one of these links. This is important stuff. The Big Dog doesn't see it being discussed elsewhere...so hopefully it's of real value.

A personal favor: If you find the Podcasting and Blogcasting of The Political Dogfight of real value please spread the word to your friends or blog it somewhere...we need the increased listenership. Already bandwidth usage is becoming an issue, but that's a good issue and The Big Dog will deal with it. If you find this of value and can spread it through the Blogsphere, The Political Dogfight will be grateful to say the least. [I'm ordering the equipment for the interviewing capability on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed it works. Have several interviews already lined up.]

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March 18, 2005

Wes Clark/Red District Democratic Candidates: why?/ '06-'08: New Pod/BlogCast

Today I've got a new Podcast and BlogCast that covers,among other things, the topics of: Wes Clark's new site, his email about the de facto censorship of the FCC that I received this morning with a petition and WesBlog. Also we cover the value of good Democratic candidates in Red districts and why there are real tangibe results to be gathered from that effort. And I offer to help in any district in the US. I share with the listener the future of The Political Dogfight Podcast/Blogcast and ask for feedback.

You can get all that here by using the links above or my using the RSS feed on the left and getting the cast on your MP3 player. Whatever is easiest for you. Blogcast here.

To DailyKos readers: Sorry this took longer to get up than I anticipated! I had to do some actual business in between recording and posting!

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March 17, 2005

Wes Clark launches New Website!

You all know that Dogfight04, now called The Political Dogfight, started as a Wes Clark campaign blog. Most of you know I was pretty highly placed in the volunteer campaign in So California. I have been in politics for many years...but not at the heart level that I was, and am, with Wes Clark. I have no words to describe that feeling.

Wesclark31705It gives me great pleasure to announce the rebirth of the WesPac and the birth of a new website Securing America ! It is a website of content, appearance scheduling, it's own WesBlog and a full link to the Clark Community Blog Network . Please visit Securing America. See what your heart tells you, what your head says and comment on the WesBlog if so moved.

Contributions would be greatly appreciated for this money is used to keep Wes Clark on the road, speaking out, making a difference in America....and that's exactly where we want him....where  we need him.

Securing America .....it started yesterday. Join today. Please.

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March 16, 2005

New Podcast: Why did W win in '04?

As you've seen me write about before, there's a new book out "The Power and The Story" by Evan Cornog that I think explains the outcome of '04 and many other elections. And it's in the explanation that we can learn new things to look for in our candidates for '08.

Today I created a Podcast/Blogcast that discusses the issue of 'winning' candidates and how to choose them and the book itself in detail. You can pull the 'The Political Pod' (it's new name') down with your RSS reader and listen to it later on your MP3 player or simply click the link above and listen to it here on your computer's MP3 player. [Update: Next week I hope to have Interview capability in place on The Political Pod! One of our first interviews will be Tim Targaris of The Swing State Project.]

I wrote another post on March 7th, 2005 on the same topic and you might want to re-read that one.

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March 14, 2005

San Fran Supervisor attacked for having Blog: DUH

This is from Dailykos this morning and that says  a lot about the silliness of the feuds that get started between media and polticians but brings up a much more important topic . I'm going to quote just a little bit then link back to the original. My own thoughts are below and I go into more detail on the Podcast/Blogcast. The Today's Podcast is on RSS and the Blogcast is here.

Morons at SF Chronicleby kos
Mon Mar 14th, 2005 at 07:51:47 PST

San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly has a blog. While most elected officials are loathe to blog, lest they provide oppo material for their opponents in the next election, it would be great if more politicians would blog while governing.

Well, the SF Chronicle has a problem with it, writing a story with multiple references to Daly's blogging on the "city's dime". In fact, the piece's first headline (since toned down) was "Public picks up tab for Daly blog - District 6 supervisor first official to keep diary on city's dime". <snip>
But there is a deeper significance to Daly's blogging -- he's using the technology to get around the media filter to communicate directly with his constituents. No need to call a press conference, hope reporters show up, hope they write the story, and hope they don't editorialize or lose your original point in a quest for "balance". <snip>

My advice to Daly -- get off the city's servers. At your level of traffic, it won't cost you much ...<snip>

Well, The Big Dog couldn't agree more. So here's the offer: I'll donate to his office, (however that legally needs to be done), a one year pre-paid subscription to TypePad for a single Blog. That will have all the functionality of this one, including Pod and Blogcasting , if the Supervisor is smart enough to use them and anything else he needs. One year pre-paid for free.

Why? Because we need to encourage every elected official to have a simple method of communicating directly with their constituents other than paid direct mail, which is the most expensive method of all. Every office holder needs a Blog. Every office holder should record a Podcast/Blogcast at least weekly to keep those constituents that care up to speed on weekly events and how the future is shaping up. Will a majority of the district read or listen? No.

But the Opinion Makers will. The activists will. The people who donate money will.
Every office holder. They, the office holder, will have arguments against the staff time utilizations of replying to comments etc. Yet they can simply budget staff time a little differently to acheive the same goals without the Mainstream Media Filters.  Listen to the Podcast or Blogcast for my activist action items to move this idea into reality.

It's an idea and communication technology whose time has come. Original DailyKos link here.

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March 13, 2005

News or PR? The Line Blurs in the WH & Since when do Dems oppose Tax Credits?

Today's newspaper provided more than enough cardio exercise for me. I was perplexed then furious about two stories in particular. The first is about the use by the Federal Government of 'video news releases' that aren't labeled as government public service annoucements or press statements but are given to local, regional and national stations as actual 'news' items to be used in their shows.

The second was about a Democratic Assemblyman here in California proposing to end renewable energy tax credits, research and development credits, enterprise zone employment credits and more. AND HE'S A DEMOCRAT! Those are all programs and ideas put into play to use the tax code to better help people and advance science and technology when those advances are, in the beginning, unprofitable. I find it infuriating. When I saw the headline I assumed it was a Republican initiative. Not hardly. A Democratic Assemblyman from San Leandro sponsored the Tax Credit cuts. Unbelievable. Even more so because I can find NO links to the original story anywhere. I'll post more information after I call his office tomorrow.

These two topics make up my newest Podcast and Blogcast. (If you don't use a portable mp3 player you can listen to it here. That's the only difference between the two names. You can add The Political Dogfight Podcast to your feed read here:  http://feeds.feedburner.com/ThePoliticalDogfight)

Also in the supposed use of News stories for public relations it appears that the networks are paid by the various government departments for running the stories! How screwed is that?! Isn't that the definition of a COMMERCIAL. The original story runs as:

Under Bush, a New Age of Prepackaged Television News


Call your Congressman. Call your Senator. As importantly go to Democratic Underground Local Media Blaster and let your local media, statewide, know you want this type of 'story' banned or at least fully labeled as a commercial by the Federal Agency that introduced it! YOu will produce your own email right on the site and send it from there to every new organization you choose to contact and that could be hundreds!

This utility by Democratic Underground may be the most powerful tool at their site and is perfect for this purpose. This type of contact is direct, immediate and highly useful.

Go for it!

[PS & UPDATE: I finally figured out why the files sizes are so large on this Blogcasts. This is the last large one. Tommorrow's will be much shorter. Thanks for the patience.]

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